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1995, ROH London, Nozze di Figaro

Le Nozze di Figaro


Composer : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Librettist : Lorenzo da Ponte after Beaumarchais
Venue and Dates : Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Opening night, 11 September 1995
There were two casts
Conductor : Bernard Haitink
Director : Johannes Schaaf
Performers :

Second cast:

Il Conte di Almaviva: Simon Keenlyside
La Contessa Almaviva: Cheryl Studer
Figaro: Ferrucio Furlanetto
Susanna: Barbara Bonney
Cherubino: Helen Schneiderman
Marcellina: Yvonne Howard
Don Bartolo: Michael Druiett
Don Basilio: Ryland Davies
Don Curzio: John Dobson
Barberina: Deborah York
Antonio: Jeremy White
Choir and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House

Notes :



Alan Blyth, Opera, November 1995 (on the  September 26th performance)

“Slow the first night of this revival may have been: this initial performance with the alternate (emphatically not second) cast was from the very start brisk and vital.”

“Making a virtue of his slight figure, Simon Keenlyside gave us a petulant, impetuous Almaviva who possibly hasn’t really come to terms with his own libidinous character. Keenlyside’s singing was at once mellow and incisive, and sensibly he didn’t force his tone in the interests of mere volume.”

Extract from the British Journal by Tom Sutcliffe for Opera News January 6 1996


The Covent Garden season got off to a dull start with a revival of Johannes Schaaf’s distinctly odd Le Nozze di Figaro (Sept. 11). Bernard Haitink’s conducting was somnambulistic, Thomas Allen’s Count voiceless. The biggest disappointment, however, was Randi Stene’s Cherubino, which should have been delightful (she was a terrific Octavian in Paris). But stepping into a dead or dying production was a liability her agents should have spared her. Felicity Lott pulled the performance into shape briefly with a stylish “Dove sono,” and Andrea Rost carried off Susanna well. Of special merit in the second cast was Simon Keenlyside’s fervent Count.


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