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2018-10-05, Philharmonie, Luxembourg


Concert performance

Photo: Sebastien Grébille


Composer : Giuseppe Verdi

Venue and Date : Philharmonie, Luxembourg

05 October 2018 at 20:00

Conductor : Gustavo Gimeno


Rigoletto : Simon Keenlyside
Gilda : Ekaterina Siurina
The Duke : Saimir Pirgu
Sparafucile: Stanislav Trofimov
Maddalena: Alisa Kolosova

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg
Philharmonia Chor Wien


This performance of Rigoletto will be broadcast on Austrian radio station ORF oe1 on 16 November 2019 at 19.30 hours local time


Photo Gallery

All photographs copyright Sebastien Grébille

Sound bites

ResMusica, 06.10.18, Pierre Degott

Translated by Gudrun

“….Simon Keenlyside, enfin, crève encore l’estrade dans son incarnation du célèbre bossu. Expressif en diable dans ses regards, dans son corps et dans sa gestuelle, il maîtrise tous les aspects dramatiques d’un personnage qu’il sait rendre, dans ses brutalités et ses fragilités, incroyablement humain. Sans posséder naturellement l’organe vocal d’un véritable baryton Verdi, il est en pleine possession de ses moyens et dispose d’une palette de couleurs qui semble infinie. Chapeau bas, Sir Simon ! …”

“…(Finally,) Simon Keenlyside shatters the concert stage with his portrayal of the famous hunchback. Ardently expressive in the way he looks and in his body language, he masters all dramatic aspects of the character, who he makes incredibly human in his brutality and fragility. Without having the voice of a true Verdi-baritone by nature, he is in full possession of his abilities and has a palette of colours at his disposal that seems infinite. Hats off, Sir Simon!…” 

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