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Text and translation for Track 13: Wieder hinaus ins strahlende Licht from Die Zirkusprinzessen by Kálmán

Text and translation for Track 13

“Wieder hinaus ins strahlende Licht” from Die Zirkusprinzessen by Kálmán

Wieder hinaus ins strahlende Licht,                                 Back out again into the bright light

Wieder hinaus mit frohem Gesicht!                                   Back out again with a happy face!

Grell wie ein Clown das weiße Antlitz bemalt!               The white face painted luridly like a clown

Zeig’ deine Kunst, denn du wirst ja bezahlt!                   Show your artistry, because you are paid!

Bist nur ein Gaukler, nur ein Spielball des Glücks,          You’re only a juggler, at the mercy of fate

Zeig deine Kunst, Pierrot, zeig deine Tricks!                   Show your artistry, Pierrot, show your tricks!

Tust du es recht der Menge,

winkt dir Applaus,                                                               If you please the crowd it will applaud you.

Wenn du versagst, lacht man dich aus!                           If you fail they will laugh at you!

Heute da, morgen dort, was macht es!                             Here today, there tomorrow, does it matter!

Heute hier, morgen fort, was macht es!                           Here today, gone tomorrow, does it matter!

Reicht das Glück dir die Hand                                           If luck passes the hand to you

Rasch greif zu, Komödiant –                                               Quickly grab it, comedian

Rasch Greif zu, Komödiant, greif zu !                                Quickly grab it, comedian, grab it !

Wenn man das Leben durchs Champagnerglas             If you look at life through a champagne glass


Sieht man es strahlen                                                          You see it radiating

Aus Goldpokalen.                                                                from golden goblets.

Ein holdes Bild erwacht,                                                     A lovely picture appears,

Für das man einst geschmachtet,                                      For which I once languished,

Zwei weiße Arme, ein roter Mund,                                    Two white arms, a red mouth,

Und plötzlich leuchten auf des Glases Grund:                Suddenly shine from the bottom of the glass.

Zwei Märchenaugen, wie die Sterne so schön,              Two fairy-tale eyes, as beautiful as the stars

Zwei Märchenaugen, die ich einmal gesehn!                  Two fairy-tale eyes that I saw once!

Kann nicht vergessen                                                         I cannot forget

Ihren strahlenden Blick,                                                      Their beaming glance

Kann nicht ermessen                                                           I cannot estimate

Mein  verlorenes Glück.                                                      My vanished bliss.

Du Traum der Liebe,                                                            You dream of love

Den ich einmal versäumt.                                                    That I once missed.

Du Traum des Glückes,                                                       You dream of bliss

Den ich einmal geträumt.                                                    As I once dreamed.

Du holdes Trugbild                                                             You lovely hallucination

Meiner Lust, meiner Qual,                                                  My desire, my torture,

Du süßes Märchen:                                                             You sweet fairy-tale

Es war einmal.                                                                       That once was.

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bill bromwich August 4, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Seventy years ago I fell in love with my violin – and Kalman, Lehar, Leo Fall and others.
What beautiful music ! Still love it. So I started collecting hundreds of records, tapes, DVDs , programmes and the history of Operetta. I hope someone in the future will be enchanted by these
wonderful composers, that have given such pleasure to the world. Bill. England.

bill July 12, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Dear Operetta lovers,
From Hull, England. I fell in love with Viennese operetta age 11 ( in 1942) – when I started 10 years of violin tuition, although my teacher lived near me and listened, I should have been practicing Handel and Bach!! Lehar, Kalman, Leo Fall and the Strauss’s gave this world some beautiful SINGABLE music and now, although 100 years old, it still has massive appeal. Long may it please so many. In Britain there is a lamentable indifference in the professional theatre to producing any stage productions by these composers.
This contrasts with Bad Ischl, Vienna, Dresden etc. and indeed Hungary itself – birthplace of several superb composers. Please, dear Continental friends, keep this glorious music alive. I am listening to Fritz Wunderlich singing “Wien, mein Wien”right now. Best wishes, BILL of Hull, England

Clelie December 17, 2015 at 8:30 am

Thanks for the lyrics and the translation ! I fell in love with this beautiful song while listening to SK on “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz” cd… Really breathtaking.

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