From a Welsh Mountain

Simon Keenlyside – staying at home

Grange Park Opera online – 18 June 2020

From Grange Park Opera’s website:

“…Having, sadly, lost the 2020 Season we’ve created a Found Season. It’s new work from 45+ artists being filmed on our stage in Surrey. There are 15 exciting performances free to view online – released over six weeks from 4 June. We want to remain close to the Grange Park Opera family. And this is a unique opportunity to share music’s magic far and wide. Welcome to the 2020 Found Season…”

Simon created a wonderful musical tour of his home in Wales which  was video streamed on 18 June as part of Grange Park Opera’s 2020 Found Season.

SOUNDBITES, Barbara Lewis

“….Stripped of the sophistication of the opera house, we experience directly the purity of Keenlyside’s perfectly honed baritone.  It sounds effortlessly natural, as he sings and talks his way through the flora and fauna of his farm in Wales, delivering a whimsical lesson in natural and musical lore.

Reunited with the nature he misses when touring the world, Keenlyside tells us he is singing Schubert’s anthem to the art of music without any sense of melancholy.  It’s so fulfilling and grateful, I’m willing to believe what, particularly at the moment, is an impressive claim….”