Wigmore Hall, London

| 8 May 2023 |
7:30 pm

    Simon Keenlyside : baritone
    Malcolm Martineau : piano

Simon and Malcolm Martineau will perform Winterreise at the Wigmore Hall on Monday 08 May 2023. 



Franz Schubert - Winterreise D911


After the performance Simon presented Malcolm Martineau with a watch, to mark their 36 year partnership on stage.




5 stars (subscription or registration required)


"...And we were there, walking alongside every snowy footprint left by Simon Keenlyside’s startlingly raw performance, one that flourished in the absolute trust between the baritone and his piano partner of decades, Malcolm Martineau. ...."



"...This was quite an acted performance: not in the sense of plot, but gesture, expression, pacing across the stage, and so on. It makes no sense, at least to me, to be dogmatic about such things; what works works, and this did, a glance or a stare as telling as an accent or a slur. Martineau’s dependability as a collaborative pianist needs no mention from me..."